Cap Ferrat France, Blue Cost Hotel and Spa
chronology:   2009 definitive project

The project plans the realization of a SPA with a hotel, where having the treatments over more days and the possibility to get them directly in the rooms. The center was designed entirely inside a natural basin and includes the construction of the hotel along its perimeter.
Spa Cap Ferrat is a contemporary organic architecture project where the monumental natural greenery, the planned greenery and the visible architecture integrate and reinforce.
The roofs are all treated as green covers with grass, shrubs and trees of 3-4 mt height, they extend the natural gardens’ line and improve their aestethics.
The SPA can benefit of a hotel with 82 rooms and suites and all have a treatments space and a terrace or garden. The building has been thought as a one organism, joint by the common spaces as the hall, the restaurant, the congress, the commercial areas, and big attention has been given to the walk ways and the outside areas where the treatments can also be extended.
The materials used will be congruent with an eco-sustainable architecture. All the structures will be built by wood, an eco-compatible and renewable material, and the glass parts will also serve the function of photovoltaic panels. The use of concrete and steel will be restricted to the underground structures and the structural junctions.
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