Colle di Tenda (Cuneo) Italy, The Forts restoration
chronology:   2003 definitive project

A charming place in the Alps, located on the border between Italy and France, dominated by its 2000 mt the beautiful Vermenagna Valleys on the Italian side and Roja Valley on the French side. The project proposes the development of this area, giving a particular interest to the existing fortified structures, as a crucial element in the connection of the surrounding parks. Centre of gravity of this fortification system is the Colle Alto Fort, on the top of the relief. The project will provide an assignment for activities of an important touristic value, a strong attraction for a high-class clientele. The existing structure will maintain its appearance and the architectural intervention will only concern its internal use, with the inclusion of some covered connections and the addition of a new ring for the services and activities. The Baraccamento Centrale Fort has a les exclusive destination, mainly for public use and in the respect of the existing appearance. The courtyard will be partially covered and more space will be given to its accomodation facilities, ensuring a continuos flow of tourists in winter and in summer. The project also includes a third building for entertainment and museum between the two forts, on the French side of the mountain. This system is independent by the other two buildings, shall not affect the natural balance of the landscape but rather blend into it. The project ha suggested the creation of a big artificial cave, dug into the mountain and therefore not perceptible from above but only by his side, as a large open stage to the Roja Valley.
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