Dominican Republic, La Romana - Casa de Campo
chronology:   2005 definitive project,  2006 construction documents,  2007 realized

“./. An architecture as an imitation of the nature : the plastic element takes the shape, the colour, the materials of the natural environment. The prestigious villa, shaped evocatively as a shell, gets in a harmonic way into the natural landscape. The roof’s big shadow wing protects the living area and spreads a privacy and meditation sensation. An expanding architecture from inside to outside, in a harmonic way. … From the building’s heart a long arm , as an artery, leaves to the sleeping area, placed as a big turn almost embracing the sea. … Its disposal follows the land and the privileged sea view, as if there was a natural attraction between those two elements. … Even it is distinguished from the others for its unmistakable dimensions, it is, in the meantime, well inserted, for its shape and its materials, in the landscape , putting on a straw dress, mindful of the local building tradition. ./.” From the magazine Carriere e Professioni, an Architecture monthly periodical, nr. 02 of June 2008.
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