Genoa Italy, Villa Bonini Contardo
chronology:   2004 definitive project,  2004 construction documents,  2005 realized

Hidden by the high wall of Serreto street and by a row of big trees , Bonini villa, hardly discernable walking quickly, discloses its simplicity and meantime its originality. In the past it belonged to the Sauli family, in 1849 it became Bonini family’s property: on 26th February 1886 Paola Fontana, Francesco Bonini’s wife, after she had obtained the municipal approval for a project of “ a small house to build on her property”, sent to the Mayor of Genoa the application, then accepted, to coordinate works based on Milanese architect Luigi Rovelli’s plans. The villa, admittedly in neogothic style, has triple lancet windows on lower floor and double lancet windows on second floor and a row of hanging archlets arranged on the border between one floor and the other one. The polychrome result on front, originated by the alternation of light and dark bands, makes this building close to the later mediaeval Genoese tradition. On ground floor, an open lodge offered a beautiful view of the valley up to the sea, full of vegetation and smiling villas. On east side architect Rovelli inserted an imposing hexagonal bow-window that allows the realization of a representative balcony on first floor. On west side, a circular terrace offers a complete view of the garden below, one of the most austere, but lovely at the meantime, between those planned by Rovelli.
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