Villa Cannocchiale, Sardinia Italy
chronology:   2010 definitive project,  2011 construction documents,  2012 realized

This villa is located in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. It 's an example of organic architecture and contemporary art, where nature and man are interwoven in a vital union, and artificial elements, such as steel railings and furniture, are well integrate in the environment, without creating dissonance. It has been completely rebuilt between the rocks: granite monoliths lining the exterior walls, and, in continuity to the garden and the fascinating Sardinian nature, the pool is carved in the rocks. Adjacent to the swimming pool, outdoor dining area opens onto the garden and is protected by an interwoven cane arbor. The furnishings of Paola Lenti, colorful and fresh, complete the picture where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Porto Cervo harbour. The roof is made by local stone tiles, handly cut slits, and covers the villa with a wavy pattern. Below, the walls are interrupted by uneven cut windows. The villa’s interiors seem to be made "digging into the light" and offers insights given by irregular openings connecting the rooms. Every detail is designed to the smallest particular, from antique teak wood doors, to designed and handly moulded handles. The clear Orosei stone floors, and the white monochrome walls make the rooms comfortable and easy.
Lighting: Erco, Ingo Maurer. Interior: Paola Lenti, Redaelli
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