Anselmi e Gessaga, Notary’s Office, Genoa Italy
chronology:   2010 definitive project,  2011 construction documents,  2011 realized

Clean lines characterize the space, vertical cuts on the walls deform the geometry leaving to discern the adjoining space with a game of transparencies. An example of contemporary architecture based on the theme of the one-colour grey and on the severity of the schemes. The introspections given by the massive use of glass, interrupt the colour uniformity and play an important role in the natural light diffusion. Wide glass windows face on a beautiful park and reflect inside the seasons’ colours, glass shelves lighten the walls. A big open space accommodates the working office, where a big counter for the reception has been totally covered by black leather, as the big table in the meeting room. Each detail has been studied, planned and followed during its processing with great care and the utmost professionalism.
© 2015 Simone Paoletti Architettura