EMAC, Polytechnic centre for the clinical training, Genoa, Italy
chronology:   2009 definitive project,  2010 construction documents,  2011 realized

Centre for the advanced didactics and the medical polytechnic simulation operating with the Universities of Genoa and Pisa. The Centre comprises an operating theatre, fit out with new generation simulators, medical equipments making the clinical experience realistic, video cameras recording the practical sessions, a plenary room (50 places) with high-definition projector, electronic blackboard analysing the debriefing sessions, video cameras recording the theoretical sessions, a second debriefing room (20 places) with high definition TV, control room to manage all the audio-visual signals inside the Centre with the possibility of recording every class and every practical test on electronic devices, a sponsor room dedicated to the introduction of new biomedical products , a technical area for reception, catering and secretary. The Centre’s operating system includes the control room, where the teacher is helped by a bioengineer who will operate the equipments for the classes audio-visual recording, set the clinical scenes, manage the advanced simulators software interfaces and the debriefing steps. The flexibility of the simulation room allows to create differed clinical scenes: the simulators allow the creation of high level surgical scenes for the incision and suture techniques training. Thanks to panoramic video cameras on the simulation room, the teacher has the chance to value the theoretical competences, practical abilities and managerial and decision capacities in emergency.
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