Offices and lighting showroom, Genoa, Italy
chronology:   2009 definitive project,  2009 construction documents,  2010 realized

A space among contemporary monoliths and strongly compressed and tilted walls, a new environment, thought and planned in order to make the management and the staff constantly influenced by its modernity. A project treated strongly, vivaciously and dynamic, where the architectonic tensions was dominated. At the entrance, tilted walls become a black tunnel treated by dark natural lime, that opens into a big open space: cut monoliths of sand colour lime separate the spaces. The room “light school” is, on the other hand, totally white: in this space rgb lights, Dali control unit, Led system, fluorescent and metal halide linked together to the didactics geometry, rotate and offer, with their colours, the vision of the different brightness. The project was published on the nr. 75 of Society Interiors magazine.
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