Ho Chi Minh Vietnam,Sao Mao Towers
chronology:   2011 definitive project

The project “Sao Mai Towers”, developed over an area of 8,600 sqm, rises in the heart of the Vietnamese economic capital. The complex includes the creation of two residential towers, retail spaces, bars, lofts, restaurants, the creation of a public park and facilities. The whole project is characterized by the presence of the lotus flower, an image that, traditionally, evokes the poetry and Eastern sensitivity, and it is distinguished by its eco-sustainability related both to its composition and to the technology and the materials: the buildings are closely related to the environment and its use. Taking advantage of the lot’s shape, the project involves the construction of a building that extends horizontally over six floors, connected to the two towers by two bridges, in which all services are concentrated. The head of the building is characterized by blades of steel that evoke the traditional built housing maintaining the uniformity of the front main road. The vehicular entrance to the towers is a large canyon where the walls are covered by films representing big lotus flowers. The roof, characterized by stretches of water and big green areas, is treated as a ship’s deck, and restaurants, a swimming pool and facilities ensure the receptivity day and night. The two great towers, respectively, 34 and 37 floors, reach 125 m of height and are surrounded by a large public park, customized by plants with a biodiversity high level. All the towers facades have protective mobile photovoltaic screens fitted externally but activated from inside; they bring a significant energy-saving by controlling the major heat variations produced by seasonal weather changes. The shape of these screens recalls the lotus leaves, making it the main theme of the entire project .
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