Daily centre for autistic children, L’Aquila Italy
chronology:   2011 definitive project

The building rises in Collemaggio, close to L’Aquila, and it was a mental diseases centre. The Centre applies to children suffering from autism and to people working with them, and offers a space dedicated to them. The study of the project is based only on the problems resulting from autism, trying to cut down every architectural barrier and to stimulate the kid’s psychological development. The plan uses harsh and uniform lines, each element of the structure clearly renders its function, in order to give simple and precise indication on its use: this planning approach will concur in the mental maps’ formation necessary to the kid’s growth. The supporting building construction is entirely by wood, Wood Frame system, articulated on two floors, with a total surface of 460 sq. metres. The Centre is destined to social use: fruit of a Canadian Government donation, it is the first case of Light Frame building where the Canadian building parameters have been scientifically studied for the comparison and coherence to the Italian ones of NTC2008. The exterior will be coated by natural lime in order to recapture the landscape colours and some wooden sun slats will adjust the natural light intensity and guarantee the children’s privacy. The interior has been planned to stimulate the kids’ senses but gently, a careful use of colours creates a “magic” world : an inside space in the open air will be an integration place where to learn how to relate with the group and some tanks will be specifically placed for the plants’ growing. The use of coloured pellicles applied on the bottom of the glass windows contributes to the privacy pursuit, while the scraps in the coloured area have the function of the outside perception as it is in reality.
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