Hanoi Vietnam, Nguyen Van Cu Tower Housing Towers
chronology:   2011 definitive project,  2011 construction documents,  2012 realized

Placed in the heart of the Vietnamese capital, Nguyen Van Cy Tower is developed over seventeen floors for a maximum height of 64 m. Inspired to a classic style, particularly to Italian Rationalism of the beginning of XX century, it is characterized by the combination of rules and classic style elements (revealed by the presence of a basement, fronts perfectly identical to the others as a clear Palladio’s citation and by the use of eclectic elements), but combined with skill to contemporary materials and details (i.e. glossed stainless steel and glass, matched to a modern colour’s use). It is particularly significant and characterizing of this building, the presence of the GIANT ORDER (like, for example, the “Palazzo dei Conservatori” made by Michelangelo in Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome), that is developing over two floors, where, inside, we find balustrades and frames combined to stainless steel frames and mirror glasses. Furthermore, to make the Tower a recognizable and exclusive reference in the town, the project has developed an important lighting studio that will enhance its geometries in a perfect match between classic and contemporary art.
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