Palazzo Imperiale di Sant'Angelo, Genoa - Italy

Simonepaoletti workshop has its headquarters in the heart of Genoa, in the majestic rooms at the first floor of “Palazzo Imperiale di Sant’Angelo”. The workshop can count on the precious collaboration of a young, brilliant and efficient team of ten highly specialised people. The wide ranging projects include restoration, building and system design, the marine field, both in Italy and abroad, but definitely they are oriented to the experimentation of new and advanced architectures. The projects are implemented making the best use of the state-of-the-art ecological and sustainable materials, the new architectures merge into the environment and leave a high-profile visual mark recalling the “made in Italy” design. The workshop activity is carried out in sub-groups with an high degree of exchange and mutual collaboration. Top level technical equipments and tools allow for a fast and timely project development. Engineers and technicians, specialised in energy saving, hospital systems and in the restoration of the ancient buildings are part of the workshop’s team.
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